What do you need?

a) A Television - you probably already have one of those.
b) An Eclipse HTPC

That's it! If you have a TV (or monitor) with an HDMI port (almost all flat screens do) then you can plug in your Eclipse HTPC and begin enjoying all of the fantastic benefits of ownership today!

What does it do?

Imagine all of your media files you play on your iPod, phone, tablet , digital camera, laptop or computer, add your DVD collection and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. and have all those files and services running on your Eclipse HTPC powered by state of the art hardware and media software.

Now you can hook up your Eclipse HTPC to a big screen TV, a projector, surround sound amplifier, and play all of those files straight from a single source.


Watch what you want, where you want

Watch DVDs and BluRays. Listen to your tunes, show off your photos, and enjoy online shows. All in one place.

Gain access to tons of great entertainment, and share that media goodness with any other Eclipse HTPC or media extender in your house. So if you've got a TV show or Movie on the HTPC in your living room, you can watch it on your laptop in the kitchen or the extender in your bedroom! And if you have an Xbox 360 or PS3, you can send the TV, video, and photos on your HTPC to that too!

Support for almost every file format on earth!

Stunning slide shows!

Display elegant collages of your home photographs (with background music) for viewing with friends and family.